Turnaround Case Study – The 363 Sale That Went Better Than Expected

In this case, sales, marketing and operational consulting capabilities provided by Michael Roth Advisors helped a Turnaround Management Firm to secure a case, a client to improve performance during a turnaround management process and a lending group to generate higher returns from a 363 sale.

The Stakeholders

  • A $75MM US based consumer goods Company.
  • A group of US middle market lending Banks.
  • A US PE Firm.
  • One of the industry’s “Finest” Turnaround Management Firms.

Case Results

  • The Company received and began implementing on a sales, marketing and operations plan that generated significant top and bottom line improvements. Improved top-line came from new products and promotional opportunities and from sales force effectiveness initiatives.
  • Because of the plan improvements, the banking group was able to improve their yield from a 363 sale process as multiple strategic buyers bid the sales price higher for the company.
  • Before losing control of the Company, the Private Equity firm received, approved and began implementing enhanced sales, marketing and operational plans.
  • The Turnaround Management Firm landed a highly competitive case and then saw an assessment project blossom into a year-long assessment, implementation and investment banking project.

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