logo_ScheringPloughSchering-Plough had an ownership position in the foot care category through its Dr. Scholl’s, Tinactin and Lotrimin products. While it already had near universal US distribution, it wanted more. Schering Plough turned to Michael Roth to find new distribution and sales through a category management approach. The result of the fact finding process yielded the “Foothold on the Future” category management program. Michael Roth’s work with Schering-Plough not only led to the successful sell in of 10 new items and millions in new associated sales but, to the long term acceptance of the Foothold on the Future Category Management selling envelope. The Foothold on the Future program was used by Schering-Plough for at least 10 years after its initial use and was a selling program that was copied by multiple other clients including Nabisco, Revlon, Pfizer among others.

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