In the PE based M&A process, billions are being put at risk without adequate due diligence. Billions more are being lost when marketing and sales plans are not developed during the due diligence process.


Recently, a senior due diligence professional from a “Big 4” firm was quoted as saying that during his firms’ due diligence process, growth and top-line related issues were covered by a 1-2 line asterisk in their reports.

Not understanding the growth opportunities and challenges for a target investment can greatly increase the risk of an investment at any time but especially today’s slow growth markets.

Separately, it has been our experience that most PE firm acquisitions do not include the development of an “out-of-the-chute” marketing and sales plan for the target company. This can easily lead to many months of lost revenue during the critical integration process.

MRA’s due diligence assessments have proven invaluable to PE firms by not only helping them to understand the true value of a target company, but in also providing them with a marketing and sales road map to utilize post acquisition to ensure top-line revenues are maximized as soon as possible.