Michael Roth Advisors Adds Several New Clients

In the last few weeks, Michael Roth Advisors have delivered fact based assessments to several new clients in the entertainment, intimate apparel, furniture and B to B sectors.

One of those assessments also included a fact based plan initiative for an entertainment company. The plan being implemented by that client is forecasted to increase revenues through a multi-dimensional social media based plan. The company is expecting growth as high as 30% behind its new fact based, plan.

According to that client, the plan developed was “exciting and expected to be sustainable due to the hard work of Michael Roth Advisors getting the management team invested in the plan from the very start of the project. Even though the plan goals are aggressive, we think our organization will exceed them.”

Other assessments completed by Michael Roth Advisors in the last few weeks found multiple fact based growth opportunities for each of the clients served. Opportunities were found in clients’ strategic planning processes, through the development of prospecting campaigns, through the better use of data for planning and execution, by refocusing a client against its core competency and by better leveraging existing human resources productivity opportunities.

This recent flurry of work adds to Michael Roth Advisors long track record of success. Michael Roth Advisors fact based plans have already delivered fact based results totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenues. Michael Roth Advisors have served large clients including Pfizer, Revlon and Nabisco and dozens of other large, small and mid market companies.

The Michael Roth Advisors fact based, business building approach has applications for most companies and may be able to assist your company in issues large or small.