For Brands-The Core Competency is the Brand Equity-Focusing on the Equity is the Secret to Growth

For many years, Revlon had one the of the largest shampoo and conditioner brands in the US. Revlon Flex sold more units than did Suave, White Rain, Pantene and Finesse. Revlon Flex was the proverbial “stack it high and let it fly” brand.

In (my opinion) one of the poorest decisions in consumer products manufacturing history, Revlon management “restaged” the brand as a premium brand, with significantly higher prices a new “improved” formula, new high end advertising, new packaging and promotion and a new retail shelf strategy. In just two years time, the brand went from a top 5 brand to out of the top ten category brands. Sales decreased by nearly 67% and the brand was further threatened with multiple retail discontinuations.

Revlon held onto this new positioning for many years as it concluded that the higher margins, albeit on far fewer units would be impossible to recoup if the brand opted to return to its prior positioning.

Michael Roth Advisors ran the analysis, researched the brand positioning with consumers and the trade and ultimately brought a plan together that returned the brand to its historic equity position. That plan ultimately returned growth to the brand for the first time in 10 years. The brand not only grew on the top-line but on the bottom line as well. The return to its prior positioning also extended the life of the brand both in the US and internationally for several years and netted Revlon tens of millions in sales that it would not have achieved without the plan.

The learning is that nothing can replace the results that a company can achieve than by leveraging its core competency otherwise known in consumer products as its brand equity. Michael Roth Advisors helps clients to focus on its competency and to better leverage those competencies for breakthrough results.